10 Office Desk Layout Perfect For Your Company

Desks make for an important part in an office’s interior. It’s the place where you keep your laptop, files and other essential documents that are required while working. In short, you could say that it is like your home away from your home.

10 Office Desk Layout Perfect For Your Company

Apart from the interior, these pieces of furniture also play a great role in your employee’s productivity and creativity, as they spend a considerable amount of time of their day on these desks.

Now we know that, when it comes to designing a workplace or simply replacing the old furniture with the ones, with some many options to choose from it becomes quite the challenge to pick one. With that in mind, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide that’ll help you select an ideal layout for your workplace. So read on, get to know the multiple types of desks and choose one that best suits your needs.

  1. Executive Desk Layout

If you have a large office with plenty of space to roam around freely, then this is the best option for you. These large-sized desks have a pedestal design along with side drawers to place files and other documents.

They are basically made of single surface and are placed in the centre of the office. However, you can place them anywhere in the room.

2. Computer Office Desk Layout

Computer desks are simply a scale down pattern of executive desks. The difference between the two is that the former has space for placing a computer on its surface, while the latter has space only for doing file work.

Computer desks also come with wire management capabilities in addition to filing drawers. These desks are, without a doubt, ideal for those who work from home, as they are neither too big nor too small in size.

3. L-shaped desks

As the name suggests, these desks come with two parts that are connected with each other on a 90-degree angle.  The desk surface is specifically designed to work on it, while the return space is skinny and used mainly for placing accessories like files, photo frames, printers and showpieces to name a few.

You can get a variety of sizes and styles in these desks. Anyone who loves additional space along with a larger desk surface can certainly buy them. But, you need to make sure that the desk you are buying has a finished back, as some of them come with unfinished back and can only be put in corners.

4. Compact desks

You might have got an idea about these desks just be reading the name. Yes, these are comparatively smaller in size and therefore, a perfect choice for small spaces. You can fit them in a tight quarter as well as any corner.

5. U-shaped Office Desk Layout

These are similar to L shaped desks. But the only obvious difference between U and L shaped desks is that the former has three work surfaces – one main and two side surfaces, which can be used to place extra accessories.

They are usually large in size and a perfect fit for spacious office rooms. They have drawers and cabins in both their return sides, so you can store a number of things in them from small printed pens to large sized files.

6. Adjustable and standing desks

If you are among those who like to alternate between sitting and standing while working, then this is the right desk for you. They come with a combination of standing and sitting surfaces and can be adjusted to a certain height. Their work surface can easily be lowered or raised via either an electronic or manual mechanism.

7. Writing and laptop desks

These desks have a table like design with a larger work surface. But like executive desks, they don’t have any pedestal. Also, they hardly have any drawers in them.

And if they have one, it would be either a pencil drawer or like a keyboard tray where you can place only small and essential accessories like a marker, printed pen or other equipment that are small in size.

8. Cubicles

These are mostly used in a large organisation where a number of employees sit in an open area. Their work surface is surrounded by a partition, which is why one employee can’t see the other one without bending a little backward or by standing up at their place.

Now that you are aware of the various types of office desks that are available, calculate the available space and number of employees in your workplace, and accordingly select the one which will fit your maximum requirements.

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