4 Common Misconceptions Surrounding Vehicle Wraps

Today, vehicle wraps are considered as one of the most economical marketing tactics for a business to get more visibility on the go. When we think about it, digitally printed vehicle wraps and graphics are still very new and the improvement in the materials used is an ongoing process.

4 Common Misconceptions Surrounding Vehicle Wraps

Amidst all this, there is a plethora of information and opinions available which might not entirely be true.
In order to make a sound business decision, it’s important to tell the difference between information that is to be believed and one that is to be tossed. To help make more sense of these opinions, we’ve compiled a list of misconceptions that are making rounds with regards to vehicle wraps.

Let’s take a look at what these are!

  1. Leased Vehicle Cannot Be Wrapped
    Leased vehicles are wrapped all the time as it’s a very common thing to do. Fleet vehicles are offered on lease by many companies. In fact, some clients have their dealers deliver newly leased vehicles directly to a wrapping studio as most vehicles on lease come with paint jobs from the factory.
    Applying a vinyl film over a factory paint job is very easy to remove without damaging the original paintwork. Vehicles on lease are wrapped everywhere all the time without any damage.
    That being said, you should always go through your lease agreement thoroughly to know what you’re signing up for.
  2. Vehicle Wrapping Can Damage The Paintwork
    As mentioned before, vehicle wrapping in Wellingborough is what keeps the paint job of your vehicle intact and safe from external damage. If the paintwork is one that’s fully cured and in top-notch condition, vehicle wrap will keep it from getting exposed to UV rays, scratches from dirt, debris and other particles and environmental elements.
    Your vehicle is a company asset that has considerable value and keeping it safe from any damage is a top priority and responsibility.
    So, ensure that the vehicle wrap studio conducts a pre-wrap check. During this examination, they will make note of areas where the paintwork is compromised. When removing digital graphics from such areas, these installers have to be super careful as it can further rupture the paintwork.
    So it will be a good thing if you identify these problem areas beforehand so as to make an informed decision with no nasty surprises at the time of removal.
  3. It Is Quite Tasking To Remove Vehicle Wrapping
    Vehicle wraps are designed in a manner that makes it very easily removable. Most respected vehicle wrapping businesses use Avery or 3M premium cars vinyl vehicle wrap adhesives and laminates.
    When it comes to adhesive vinyl research and development, both companies are international leaders and the most trusted in the industry. Removal of these graphics wraps is an important part of the production process.
    These companies come along with the warranty that assures the user of a clean removal with no remnants of the product to be left behind when it’s being taken off factory paint that’s not compromised. Exposure to some heat should do to cleanly remove the vehicle wrap off a vehicle.
  4. You Shouldn’t Put Graphic Prints On The Windows Of The Vehicle As It Is Unsafe
    It is possible for you to see through printed window graphics that are applied on perforated window film. The perforated surface with tiny holes will give you an uninterrupted view of your surrounding.
    To be on the safer side, the forward passenger and driver windows along with the front windshield shouldn’t be covered with vinyl graphics. Generally, the rear windows and windshield on the driver and passenger sides of the door can also be covered. The visibility will be better through the perforated film when the window is vertical.

In order to maintain uninterrupted visibility, ensure that the graphics company you consult makes use of “optically clear” overlaminate. It is more costly than laminates used for graphics used to cover the rest of your automobile, but its comparatively less than what it will cost you after an accident because of bad visibility.

All in all, getting your vehicle wrapped is ideal if you want to maintain its look for a long time. So getting it done, is an investment that you can certainly look into.

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