Five Business Lessons to Learn From Airplane Pilots

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Pilots are trained to be disciplined, systematic and usually have a long list of tasks before each flight. Because of this, the UK aviation industry continually sets records for flight safety.

However, the majority of this credit goes to the pilots who gracefully navigate the planes.

If you are a young entrepreneur, then there are multiple business lessons to be learnt from an airplane pilot. We have come up with five top business lessons inspired by pilots and their habitat.

  1. Checklist Ensures You Never Forget Anything
    Pilots have a checklist for everything they do. They keep so many checklists, that they might even need a checklist to keep track of all the other checklists. However, these checklists make sure that essential safety measures are considered before flying the airplane with thousand lives on-board.
    For instance, if you must have noticed in a commercial flight, the pilot or the co-pilot walks around the plane to make sure everything is maintained properly. Moreover, they also put the engine through a ‘run up’ process to stress test the engine. It helps them observe any potential problems that could obstruct a safe take off/landing.
    As an entrepreneur, you need to make a checklist of all your monthly tasks. You can have different checklists for different projects and different missions. It is even better to have checklists for short-term and long-term goals of your company.
    Moreover, it is your responsibility to keep reviewing your checklist on a weekly basis to see how much work is yet to be done.

  2. Batch Work Schedules Are Best
    Pilots and the flight crew get to pick the route of their choice based on seniority. This is why most senior pilots and flight attendants pick routes that take them across the ocean. Flying overseas means your entire month’s work is achieved in few flights. It is always better than working on many shorter routes.
    For instance, if you are given a choice to work for an hour 11 times or work for 11 hours one time, what would you choose? The latter is the obvious choice. Similarly in the aviation world, few overseas flights per month are enough for the pilots to achieve their monthly targets.
    In the business world, always work with high quality clients that pay well for a single project. It doesn’t matter if you have a handful people working alongside as long as they are skilled professionals. It is better than having a team of beginners that you have to first train and then start the project with.

  3. Know Your Tools Inside Out
    Pilots go through a rigorous training process before they are granted their license of flying an airplane. As they are responsible for the lives of their co-workers and thousands of other people on the plane, rigorous training is a must. Pilots need to have a basic understanding of the plane and its mechanism.
    Similarly, business owners need to know their business infrastructure thoroughly. They need to know their team’s strengths and use it to their advantage. More importantly, business owners themselves need to be the very best at what they have chosen to do. They need to have a basic understanding of the tools and the marketplace. Being an expert in your niche will always serve you well.

  4. Always Have an Emergency Plane
    No matter how amazing being a pilot sounds, it is equally risky to actually be one. Pilots are required to have an emergency plan ready at all times, in case things go wrong mid-air.
    The same is the case with business finances. Entrepreneurs are bound to make some financial mistakes during their journey.
    However when a financial crisis arises, a successful entrepreneur is always ready with emergency funds. The money in these emergency funds doesn’t appear magically. They must have had savings and/or have opted for cash flow finance services. No matter what they did, our point is that they were suitably prepared.

  5. Strive For a Perfect Landing
    The landing is supposedly the most challenging part of any flight. Although it may not be all that dangerous, but it is the time when things are most likely to go wrong on a flight. If you are a passenger, you may not feel the pressure. The pressure is on the shoulder of the pilots.
    When it comes to running a business, it is the responsibility of the business owners to make sure that their clients are receiving top class products and services. They need to make sure that nothing is missed out from the checklist and have to double check the product or services before submitting it to the client. Delivering quality products and services on a consistent basis will only grow your business over time.