What is Mac Print Screen Shortcut | Screenshot on Macbook Air

Screenshot is useful tool in day to day life to save your live screen in a image file. If you have the same question that how to do a screenshot on macbook air or mac print Screen Shortcut. This blog gonna help you for the same. we know there are approx nearly 100 millions of active Mac users in globe. If you were using window PC and just started to use Mac PC, you should know a few shortcuts to operate your Macbook that will differ from Window OS. On window their was “print screen” button to takes screenshot, but Mac hasn’t this type of hardware button.

How to do a screenshot on macbook air?

Every operating system will capture your screen and save as file in .jpeg .png format. Our Mac provides some additional feature with screenshot. You need to press Command button + Shift button followed by numeric and other keys to capture.

  • Command+Shift+3 : This key will work if you like to save full screen of you monitor.
  • Command+Shift+4 : After pressing this key you will see a selection box to select the specific area to capture the screenshot on macbook.

What is Mac Print Screen Shortcut

Macbook print Screen Shortcut key to take screenshot on Clipboard

To capture screenshot in your clipboard you need to press Control key with the same above.

  • Command+Control+Shift+3 : It will helps to capture screenshot in your clipboard.

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