Never take a vacation without travel insurance – Here’s why

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Travel insurance may seem unnecessary for some travellers, but going through a holiday without travel insurance can have disastrous implications. Learn how to handle travel insurance before your next holiday…

Going away on a holiday, alone or with the entire family should be a remarkable experience. Of course, nobody wants something bad to happen that ruins the holiday, but that doesn’t mean we are exempt from the unexpected.

Having to deal with a medical emergency is stressful enough without being in a different country. Whilst you’re away, you aren’t covered by the NHS and you might also have a language barrier to overcome. Medical treatments when in another country can be very expensive and this is when people see how important it is to have travel insurance.

If you think that travel insurance is pointless and expensive, you should see how costly a medical emergency can get when you’re in a different country.

South Korea is the most expensive country to incur a medical bill, where there have been cases of people paying over £23,000 as an average estimate of medical costs. Turkey is the less expensive destination, where the price of medical attention drops to a range between £800 and £900.

However, it all comes down to the type of emergency required, for instance, food poisoning – which is a common issue when people travel to another country – in the united states can cost around £1,300 whereas the initial treatment in another country can cost less than £400.

The worst part is the way in which medical mishappens work; they will quickly escalate into additional therapies and medicine, so the cost is hardly ever going to stay the same.


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I have an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) card, does this means I´m fully covered?
This is a type of medical card that grants access to UK citizens so they can receive free healthcare in some countries like the Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

The EHIC card, however, will not suffice for any other inconveniences you may experience while travelling. This card will cover medical expenses, but if you find yourself in a situation where an air ambulance is needed, the EHIC card will not include this. Now, after Brexit, it is hard to tell how this card will work after the UK finally leaves the EU.

You need to consider that food poisoning, other illnesses or accidents that occur while you´re travelling, are not the only mishappens you could experience. Delayed or cancelled flights are not covered including stolen baggage are not covered by an EHIC card, however, suitable travel insurance does cover these types of incidents.

Lose other types of insurance then use the money for travel insurance
As discussed many people believe that travel insurance is too expensive to warrant for each holiday, however, it’s highly important if you want to avoid any difficult financial situation. If you’re struggling to warrant spending on travel insurance, then check whether other insurance policies are unnecessary and reallocate the spending, this could be reclaiming mis-sold PPI to insurances which overlay and cover the same situation.

Unfortunately, medical bills are a difficult expense for people in various countries, so ensuring that you are covered if you encounter a problem will offer some reassurance during a stressful time.

Luckily there are plenty of offers within the market and you can have insurances which only span the duration of your trip or more cost-effective insurance which cover you for an entire year. Whatever your situation, it’s important to complete so market research to see what’s the best offer you can have on your travel insurance.