SEO Services in India

ON - Page SEO

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Off -Page SEO

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Local SEO

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Why we need SEO Services?

If you like to explore your business online, you must need SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services to hold a better rank on search engines like Google, Bing(Microsoft), Yahoo, etc. Search engines like google & bing are the main source where you can get your customers easily. At search engines, your customers push there need and your website pops above in search engines. Hurray!! We are now flooded with new customers.

At VDeserve we can create a website for your business and have experts who help you to create online customers through our Digital Marketing services. We are in this field for the last 10 years, so that we have great experience and have a team of experts that are updated with the latest search engine algorithm updates. We are already working for many popular brands and maximize their business.

Why our SEO services are unique from others

Understanding your business goals and creating a perfect SEO plan that is a step ahead from your competitors is very important. Competitor’s analysis and content optimization play a vital role in search engine optimization. We have expert SEO team and in-house content writers that give you the best result at affordable prices. There are a lot more unique feathers that we can’t explain but providing key points that help you to understand our team capability.

  • Analysis – As we already discussed that analyze your business goal and your competitors are essential and smart work for an SEO project. We have experienced team and premium tools to analyze these.
  • Website Audit – After that, we audit your website according to search engine(Google) parameters. We are always following the latest strategies and using updated tools for better results.
  • Competitive analysis – In this, we observe the competitiveness of your business keywords and create a plan for website content and how much blogs, articles and links we need to submit within a month to beat your competitors.
  • Keywords Research – Then the phase comes where we research keywords for your business that can drive more customers for your business. We rely on Google so we choose to use google premium tools for the best result.
  • Implementation and Result – After all these important steps we suggest and update important contents into your website following google and bing the latest parameters. We send you to work report twice in a week with increased website traffic.

These are the specialties that we are experts with. We are known for backlinks analysis and to do on-page and off-page activities. By following the latest techniques, we promise to rank your website at the best rank.

What we do for you in this SEO service packages

As discussed above we do a lot more to rank better on search engines. We are among the reputed names in India for many years for our quality work.

On-Page SEO For Your Website

In on-page work, we make changes within your website and optimize your website. These are the following process we do in this:

  • Connect Google Webmaster and Analytics – We connect Google analytics where we get exact traffic sources and to monitor your audience’s behavior. The webmaster is helpful to check all the internal issues and errors and to resolve problems in your website and to monitor organic impressions and clicks as well as backlinks.
  • Optimized Meta Tags – We optimize meta title, description and keywords according to your keywords. This is the crucial part of on-page which needs to be optimized better for the top result.
  • Content Optimization – Our experts check your website pages’ content while taking care of heading tags and keywords placement. We also check if your content is plagiarism whether it’s used somewhere else. If necessary, we can update your content according to search engine guidelines.
  • Web Pages URL optimization and images optimization – There are a lot more parameters for URL like using keywords in URL and their length. As well as URL, images should also be optimized using the ALT tag for the best results.
  • Website Should be Mobile-Friendly – As per the latest google guidelines website should mobile friendly because we get much more traffic from a mobile device. If there is AMP on your website is beneficial.
  • User Experiences and Website Speed – We have an expert team that has updated tools that will check the user experiences that how a user feels on your website. All the necessary items are used like contact details. Page speed is important for users as well as search engines. Due to slow website speed, users will leave your website without visiting your page.
  • Internal Linking and Schemas implementation – We link your website’s internal pages with similar pages. Internal linking also boosts search result that is important for SEO purpose. We implement schema that helps search engines to under your webpage better and show important information in an attractive way in their pages.

Off-Page SEO for Your Website

After a successful on-page work next main factor for website boost is off-page SEO. In Off-Page we create links on reputed sites and publish blogs and articles on high authority sites. In this we have a lot more steps as follow:

  • Social media profile creation and optimization – Social media is important now day, so we create profile sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn and many more. You can avail our SMO Services for better result through social sites.
  • Google Business Profile and Local Listing – Google business play a crucial role if your target audience in your local market. Google My Business tool helps you to show your business on google where you can post your recent offer and all other information. A local listing will boost your website in your local area.
  • Update Blog on Your Site – We also taking care of regular blog posts on your website with the latest update. We implement this feature if not having and optimized their meta.
  • Share Blog and Articles – According to the package we post blogs and articles using your website keywords. We prefer quality and premium sites where we publish your blog and article.
  • Guest Post – Guest blogging is trending nowadays for better traffic and result. We having an expert outreaching team to publish your blog on top sites in your niche.
  • Other High-Quality Link Oriented Activities – On off-page we also do many activities according to your packages that are essential for your website like Social Bookmarking, Forum, Profile Creation, NAP (Name Address Phone Number), infographic, PPT, Press release.

We hope that we have already answered all your questions that were in your mind that helps to choose the best SEO Service company.