Move Over iOS? Windows Is Still The Top, Download Windows 10 OS

The fight over which company has the best operating system is not new and while there are people that lusted  over Apple computer, Microsoft windows 10 and Linux based operating systems, there seems to be a change of heart with maximum of the population opting in for Windows operating systems rather than a Linux-based system today. So what made people change their mind and get more interested in a Windows operating system developed by Microsoft rather than Linux that is created by technology giant Apple. 

How to Download Windows 10?

Windows OS are free to download, you can download windows 10 from their official website for trail use in any windows compatible PC or laptop. You can download any of windows 10 version from their official site This version if for few days, you can download lot more patches are in internet for long run. I suggest you to purchase Microsoft licence for official use.

A lot has changed in the recent years and Windows has become one of the most user friendly, systematic, convenient and affordable operating system that people can invest in as compared to Linux. When Apple computers were first introduced almost everyone wanted to get their hands on it. However, a few years into the manufacturing of iOS devices, people realised that every upgrade came with features that are a lot more difficult to understand and less user friendly. Today, most Linux based computers are difficult to follow and people often end up struggling for a long time to send even a simple email. What separates these systems from all the other systems in the world is that they have their own format for various file types and it becomes difficult for a person on a Microsoft windows computer or an Android based Chrome device to share files with somebody on an IOS device because most of these files will not open. Organisations today prefer to have Windows installed because it becomes a lot easier for them to communicate with one another and share files with each other too.

The features of Windows over Linux

If you are contemplating about investing in a new computer but the operating system is what you are torn apart between, then you need to understand that while Linux is something the people have been craving to get the hands on for a really long time, the demand for this system has fizzled out and more and more people are now settling down for Windows 10. Although there is various other operating system versions that Microsoft Office has, if you’re looking for something that is convenient to use and easy to install there’s nothing better than Windows 10. You can always check for windows 10serial number if you are looking to get this version of the Windows operating system.

The features of Windows over Linux

Linux is Grand and impressive and it’s something that you attracts a lot of IT professionals today, the truth however is that IT professionals choose to use Windows 10 as an Operating System over Linux mainly because it is really difficult to install apps on a Linux based computer. The job of an IT professional requires them to install multiple applications on the system to test various things. While Windows gives them the freedom to do this, Linux limits their use. IT professionals are people belonging to various other industries and they have realized that with a Linux computer, you are always limited to using features and there is not a lot that you can experiment or customize. Windows on the other hand gives the user the opportunity to experiment with the computer any way they would like to and use it to their benefit. Whether you want to change settings that are installed or applications to work in your favour, you can do this a lot easier with a Windows device without hampering the warranty of the system. Linux on the other hand does not allow you to install any external applications and left the warranty void. This means that you end up wasting a lot of money that you have invested in the computer and if something goes wrong then you need to pay to repair it is well.

If you compare the features that an Apple computer has with that of Windows, you will realise that the list of a Windows based computer keeps on going from one page to another where at Linux it will stop at page 1. Although Linux is impressive that is where it ends. One of the major reasons why Windows 10 didn’t do as well as Windows 10 is because they tried to replicate most of Linux computer functionalities.

Microsoft Ms-Office is still popular

Window comes with Microsoft Office, and although a lot of people believe that Microsoft office is not very effective and it’s not going to be of much use, the truth is that when you are in an organisation it is one of the most convenient and effective ways to communicate with all the other employees without any communication gaps. Office is easy to install and because it is a feature of Microsoft Windows you are never going to have problems with it. It helps keep all your work related emails in one space and you will never worry about losing them. As boring as office sounds, it is still one of the most attractive features of Microsoft which makes Windows a lot better than Linux.

Why Makes Windows Unique from other

Design isn’t everything, productivity is what matters the most for people today. One of the major reasons why Linux is such a big hit when it was first introduced into the market is because it had impeccable design features that managed to grab a lot of attention and attract people from a distance. This however faded away very soon because once people actually invested in an IOS device that it wasn’t as user friendly as a Windows based device and if they needed to get something done they had to spend a lot of time figuring out how they would be able to make it compatible with a Windows device in the first place. Because Windows has been around for so many years people are used to a certain way of operating and they are used to certain files and formats. At the end of the day even though Apple may have an interesting design, Windows is still a mass favorite because of the various functionalities that it has. While Microsoft has various versions of Windows, Windows 10 is one of the most popular and the most interesting operating system versions that you will find.

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