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Do you have burning passion towards the latest innovation around? A tech savvy who is very much updated about the trends in the gadget world. Or do you intend to engage on monetary matters? A wise financial thinker or adviser that knows the critical and vital points of handling finances. We are glad to tell you that we are open to guest writers with regards to our Technology and Finance section. Write for us in Business and Finance now. Read below to know the steps on how you can connect with us.



Welcome to VDeserve, wherein we aim to provide you valuable contents that exceed the standard of blogging. VDeserve targets to bring timely and best observed blogs that could help improve your day-to-day routine. This website is especially equipped for more refined blogging for better reader experience. It could aid viewers the assistance they need on their quest to enhancing their lifestyle, and eventually develop a much more fulfilling way of life.


VDeserve is composed of four main categories which consist of Technology, Business, Finance, and Lifestyle. The first category, Technology, talks about the latest devices, and information technology (IT). It informs the world of how the technology is drastically changing the market and our lives. The second category, Business, handles the striving matters of making money by means of buying and selling. It can be services or a concrete product in exchange of funds. The third category, Finance, comprises the budgetary techniques and investments to acquire ones funds. And finally the last category, Lifestyle, it comprises of two branches:

  1. Health
  2. Fitness

Health section
pursues to achieve optimum health through balanced diets and supplements to provide better absorption of nutrients to the body. It is also inclusive of natural remedies and sort that could be even better for the health. While Fitness section supply the active side of the body to encourage lean and fitter build. Being fit is an essential part of lifestyle since health and fitness should always be together. Lacking one of it can result to complications holistically. These categories are delicately created for you to browse helpful tips without having a tough time to search for more since we have gathered the four fundamental theme in a single website for a more viewer-friendly experience.


Thank you for your interest on writing with us. We are now officially open for guest content writers who can write for us in Business and Finance. In order to be part of us, below are the guidelines you should keep in check while writing for VDeserve:

  • Captivating Title – Your title should be compelling to the readers, and content should be interesting.
  • One of a Kind Content- Make sure that it goes through a plagiarism checker right after finishing the content. You can search for one on Google. If there are identical content, kindly rule out to make it unique.
  • Word count – The content should contain 350 up to 750 words.
  • Clearness of Thoughts – Clarity of the idea is a priority so you won’t mislead the reader. Be precise on your blog. You can use underline to highlight important words and use bullet for suggestions so you can make it better to the sight.

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