A Beginner’s Guide to Twitter for Your Business

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With more people than ever searching the endless avenues of the internet to find the answer for their queries, it has never been more important to business owners to get online and reduce the risk of being left behind. While the power of digital advertising strategies – such as Pay Per Click or Search Engine Optimization – is unprecedented in driving sales, the correct use of Twitter can also help to pay easy dividends. If you consider yourself a Twitter novice, here are some quick tips to get started.

A Beginner's Guide to Twitter for Your Business

What is Twitter?

Firstly, it’s important to understand jargon. Twitter is a social network where you can follow friends, trends and much more besides. After you are being followed (subscribed to), you are able to communicate with your contacts through a 140-character message – known as a ‘tweet’. Through these messages, you can link to almost any type of content on the web, whether it’s a blog post, photograph, video or your own website. You can link directly to a follower by linking their username – the name which begins with the ‘@’ sign.

How should I set up my Twitter feed?

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to use them to your advantage. The uniqueness about Twitter is its short and snappy message system, making it a quicker tool to help spread information compared to Facebook, for example. It’s this reduced time-frame that you can use to your advantage, with worthwhile and informative posts able to be shared across the online network at an unprecedented speed.

Choosing your Twitter username is important to get right because while you can change your tag name, your username is something that will stick with you forever. It is always best to choose your business name, therefore creating a brand which people can recognize and trust. If your preferred name is not available, take one which is still relevant to your business offerings or location to avoid users getting confused. You should also take time to add a profile picture to your page, adding a slice of authenticity and allowing the consumer to put a name to the face.

Be careful of adding too many followers

While adding followers which are important, be careful not to be too liberal or else you could receive a warning from Twitter. They have strict rules about what they consider to be aggressive following, and if found guilty after they have intervened, your account could become suspended – not the best start to your Twitter campaign.